The Tribune is not ‘the new kid on the block’ any more

By: Douglas Heizer

If you look on page 1 of this week’s edition of the Boca Raton Tribune, you’ll see it is number 39.

Yes, we have published 39 editions since we launched the product a year ago.  And that doesn’t include the Boca Tribune websites, and two additional websites, one for Delray Beach, the other for Coral Springs, which have been developed.  Soon, we will begin to cover those communities in print as well as online.

Douglas Heizer

For a long time, the Boca Raton Tribune has been looked upon as “the new kid on the block.”  And for a while we were.  But we’re not the “new kid” any more.

Through a lot of hard work by a staff that includes young talent and older, well-heeled journalists, we have developed into a newspaper of record for Boca Raton. I feel in my heart that we are THE newspaper for Boca Raton.  We have an office in this city. We print the paper in this city.  Our staff spends much of its time at Boca events, speaking with Boca Raton officials.  We have had many visitors from the Boca Raton community right here in our office – located in the heart of Boca Raton. Margi Helschien, head of the Boca Raton Republican Club, was here just a few days ago.  She showed an interest in contributing news to the paper.

That is what sets the Boca Raton Tribune apart from other media.  We not only provide news to the community, we encourage people to contribute to the product, either columns, pictures or stories.  That’s why we created the “i reporter” concept, to open these pages and our website to residents

The Boca Raton Tribune is also a step ahead because we concentrate on both East Boca and West Boca.  We don’t favor one over the other. We concentrate on both, and encourage input from residents of the community both along the shoreline, in the center and out by and past the turnpike.

We are also a free paper.  And while it is free to the consumer, it is not free to produce.  Labor, printing, distribution – they all have a cost.  And we need consumer and business dollars to keep our operation afloat.

We have mentioned this every now and then through the past year.  But I don’t know if the message has reached everyone.  I still think a lot of people feel we are ‘the new kid on the block,’ that we are a novelty like some of the other “free papers” that get tossed into doorways and piled in municipal buildings.

We are serious about covering the news and staying in business. We have opted for attractive paper boxes and racks to display our product.  They are new and clean.  Can every publication say the same of their boxes?

We have put our best face forward.  We have a respectable presence and feel that we deserve respect in return.  We want businesses and individuals to feel that we will deliver the best “bang for the buck.”  That’s what we have promised, and that is what we deliver.

We launched on business at a terrible time, when the economy was sour.  But we saw a need when another major Boca Raton newspaper went out of business.  The time to act was then, not when things get better. That would have been too late.

We are asking everyone in our circulation area to think about what they are getting for free.  Isn’t it worth your investment in advertising to keep this operation alive?  We hope you join us by supporting our passion to keep giving the community what it wants and needs.


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