Jarden Consumer Solutions support Library’s Summer Literacy Program with grant

By CRA News Service

DELRAY BEACH – The Delray Beach Public Library has received a $14,965 grant from Jarden Consumer Solutions to support its summer literacy program.

The Library will use money to buy books, snacks, prizes and incentives for participating at-risk students in Delray Beach, according to Alan Kornblau, director of the Delray Beach Public Library.

“With the economic hardships facing many Americans today, it is inspiring to see that individuals, like the employees of Jarden Consumer Solutions, are still willing to donate their time and money to the betterment of our local communities,” Kornblau said.

Employees of the Boca Raton-based Jarden Consumer Solutions can be assured that the money will be used to make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth participating in the Summer Reading Program, from June 13 to July 29, he said.

Jarden officials said they are happy to fund the program another year.

“It is the goal of the JCS Community fund to direct funding to areas that best address the needs in the community, and the Summer Literacy Program in Delray Beach exemplifies that goal,” said Rocki Rockingham, JCS vice president of community relations and communications.

The Library has been offering the Summer Literacy program for several years, officials said. Library staff promote reading to children using games, crafts, storytelling and puppet shows. They also provide new books for children from the Academy of Math and Reading, the Achievement Center for Children & Families, the Boys & Girls Club, the Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network, the city’s Parks and Recreation Summer Camps and Youthland Academy, Library officials said. The library will also issue new library cards too, officials said.

The program is open to any child in the city.

For more information, call the Children’s Department at 561-266-0197 or visit www.delraylibrary.org.


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