Harold’s Jewelers most trusted and respected in Boca Raton

 BOCA RATON – Purchasing jewelry can be a daunting experience. The piece must be just the right one to complement a very important event like an engagement, wedding or important family occasion.

 This is the time to turn to true professionals.  And in Boca Raton, those professionals are at Harold’s Jewelers at 2200 West Glades Road, in the Glades Plaza shopping center.

 Owners Harold Rosenberg and Lee Mendelson have long, family histories in the jewelry business, and the expert staff of long-time employees includes a European Swiss jeweler, a European pearl stringer and a diamond setter, among others.

 Mendelson said the sales staff “has been with us anywhere from seven to 25 years.  The jeweler has been with us 35 years.  There is not a revolving door here.”

 Harold’s Jewelers features a wide variety of fine diamonds and gemstone jewelry. All diamonds are GIA certified. The shop staff are experts in custom jewelry designs, diamonds and watch repair.

 The firm is currently purchasing gold, gold coins, silver and estate jewelry, tying into a demand fueled by the soaring price of those precious metals.  The store also sells gold.

 It’s not just the customers who’ve deemed Harold’s Jewelers a top-notch sales and repair spot.  The store won the “Best of Boca” award for jewelry stores five times in Boca Raton Magazine.

 Open the front glass doors and you’ll see a vast array of exquisite gold, silver and platinum jewelry, watches and more, all priced for any pocketbook.  Prices range from about $250 to a quarter of a million dollars.

 Service is friendly, notes Mendelson.  “When you come in the first time, you’re a customer,” he said.  “After that, you’re a friend.  That’s our motto.”

Sadie Rosenberg opened the local jewelry store in 1934, with Harold partnering with her in 1978.  She passed away in 1999.

 Mendelson’s grandfather, Morris, began M. Mendelson’s in Montreal, Canada, in 1904.  His father took over after his grandfather’s death, and when his dad passed away, Lee partnered with his father’s two brothers.  He came down from Canada to partner with Harold in 1984.  The duo has owned the Glades Plaza store since then.

 “We run a nice, honorable business,” said Mendelson, who pointed to a portrait of his grandfather’s store, his grandfather and father in his office. “We operate it with integrity and sincerity.”

 He recalled that Boca Raton was a much smaller, more intimate city in the 1980s.  “The community has grown immensely,” he said. 

 The long-established and trusted jewelry story is also reaching out to a younger market.  “We are working hard at that,” Mendelson said.

 The co-owner admits that business has taken a hit due to the economic downturn. “People are not spending what they used to spend.”

 But the firm supplements its sales with expert repairs and appraisals. 

 “Between us, we have more than 100 years of experience,” he said. “We have a well-trained staff.  We won’t let a customer leave without making a deal. Before you walk out the door, come see me for a final price.”

 Visit Harold’s Jewelers in Glades Plaza or call 561-392-0502. Also, visit www.haroldsjewelers.com for a look at the merchandise.

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