Forty days of angry words, all wrapped in dysfunctionality

For 40 days and 40 nights, it rained words in the Orlando Courthouse as 12 citizens gathered to judge Casey Anthony’s guilt or innocence in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

So many nasty words were said: “Fantasy forensics,” “that laughing guy over there,” “the smell of death,” “hair banding” and “the skull fell out of the bag.”  So much acrimony, too.

 When the trial was over, and the ear-piercing blare of the “not guilty” verdict subsided, one thing was very clear to me.  That poor kid in the courtroom who gave Ashton the finger ended up doing almost as much jail time as Casey did after the verdict.

 Where’s the justice in that, Mr. Baez?  Or Mr. Mason?  Or Judge Perry?

 No, Mr. Mason, you spent too much time blasting us guys in the media for turning this trial into a three-ring circus. (Not that it wasn’t already.)

 And you, Mr. Baez, I read about your antics – a ninth-grade drop-out who got a GED and then a law degree here in South Florida, only to be barred until 2005 by the Florida Supreme Court from using that degree.  Casey hand-picked you as her attorney on recommendation from other prison inmates.

 Nice job, sir.  I’m putting you on the list with Bob Shapiro, Johnny Cochran and the rest of the OJ “Dream Team.”

 By the way, O.J. Simpson swore that he would spend the rest of his life trying to find his wife’s “real” killer.  Will Casey take that same oath or perhaps concoct some other interesting fantasy?

 So what happens now?  The case is over.  Casey has been judged not guilty. “I was shocked” became a household phrase – and court watchers invented a new adjective:  “We’ve been OJ’ed.”

 Like many people, including prosecutor Jeff Ashton, I’m not happy with the verdict.  I think jurors who claim there wasn’t enough evidence gave no credence to the fact that Casey didn’t report her daughter missing for 31 days, that she created lie-strewn stories about where she was and what she was doing.  I think duct tape and the chloroform either worked together or separately to kill the beautiful, dark-eyed girl.

 Really, Casey, if you didn’t want to be a mother – if you’d rather party and have yourself tattooed while knowing your daughter is missing, then why didn’t you just put her up for adoption? 

 The Anthony family has been called dysfunctional.  Is that an excuse for what happened?  Did Caylee Anthony die as a result of dysfunctionality? (That could be the cause of death, jurors.)

 I saw Jeff Ashton being interviewed the night before Casey Anthony was sentenced.  He seemed calm, and by then he could accept the fact that a not guilty verdict had been rendered.  But the pain of that trial has forced him to quit the office of the prosecution – and we are losing an exceptional attorney as a result.

 If he can accept the verdict, then I can accept it.  But there are things I can’t accept.  I can’t accept the idea of a 2-year-old child dying for no reason.  I can’t accept the fact that Caylee could go missing for 31 days without her disappearance being reported.  I remember once my wife didn’t come straight home from work. By 7:30 p.m., I was calling her friends, and was about to call the sheriff’s office when she came in.  I did this because I love my wife.  How much did Casey really love Caylee?

 Though the jury said there was no established cause of death, the fact is, Caylee Marie Anthony is dead. Can we suspend our perception of reality to believe that Caylee drowned in the pool, or that she put duct tape on her own mouth, put herself in a plastic bag and threw herself into a swamp?

 Casey Anthony is scheduled to leave prison Sunday, July 17.  We can only assume she will party through the night in celebration. But when the party is over, will she really go on to live “the beautiful life” as is tattooed on her back?


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