Palm Beach School District ranked ‘A’ for seventh straight year

School accountability reports recently released by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) show the School District of Palm Beach County maintained an A rating for the seventh consecutive year.

 It was the only large urban district in Florida to achieve this distinction.

 FDOE, on June 30, released the school accountability reports on Florida’s A+ Plan school grades and federal No Child Left Behind adequate yearly progress (AYP) results. These data reflect the raising of the bar for school grades and AYP. 

 This year, student performance was based on the more rigorous Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, which are measured by the FCAT 2.0.  The student writing proficiency standard for school grades increased to a four on a six-point scale.  The AYP school wide proficiency target increased from 72% to 79% in reading and 74% to 80% in mathematics.

 A review of the FY2011 school grade and AYP file released by the FDOE revealed the following:

 FY2011 School Grades

From FY2010 to FY2011, the percent of A-rated schools increased three percentage points (63% to 66%), and the percent of A-rated or B-rated schools exceeded 80%.

 In FY2011, the district outperformed Florida in the percent of A-rated elementary schools by three percentage points (61% and 58%, respectively) and A-rated middle schools by 19 percentage points (78% and 59% respectively).

 From FY2010 to FY2011, one school improved its rating from F to A (Pleasant City Elementary School) and six schools improved their rating from C to A.

 In FY2011, the district had no F-rated elementary or middle schools, and only one school, a combination school (Joseph Littles-Nguzo Saba), was F-rated. 

 FY2011 AYP

From FY2010 to FY2011, the percentage of district schools making AYP decreased six percentage points (14% to 8%), while Florida decreased four percentage points (14% to 10%).

 It is noteworthy that the district had eight schools that made AYP in FY2011, but did not make it in FY2010.

 Tables of school grades and AYP are available on the district web site at:  The state version of the 2010-2011 School Accountability Reports is located at

 If you have questions about school grades and AYP results, contact Marc Baron, Chief, Performance Accountability, at 434-8851.  If you have questions about instruction as they relate to school grades and AYP, contact Constance Tuman-Rugg, assistant superintendent, Division of Curriculum, at 357-1113.


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