Palm Beach County has regional alert and notification system

By Commissioner Steven L. Abrams

District 4

 The county’s emergency managers have the ability to issue alerts and notifications utilizing the “Palm Beach County Regional Alert and Notification System.” 

 This Internet-enabled high-speed notification system allows the county and partnering agencies (police departments, Sheriff’s office, health department) the ability to make over 6,000 telephone (voice) calls per hour; send unlimited email and text messages; and a large number of blast faxes. 

 In the past, the system has been used for numerous reasons such as emergency notifications including hazardous materials spills, hurricane evacuations, lost children, crime watch notifications, and boil water orders.  

 Because of the system’s ability to go to street/household level, the kinds of alerts and notifications possible are unlimited based on the situation or the agency’s needs.  For example, the recipients can be narrowed down to a particular street, town, etc. 

 A new and exciting component that I am pleased to announce is the residential opt-in portal which allows individuals the ability to choose the type of alerts they wish to receive (i.e., weather, endangered adults, and/or crime and public safety).  

 The system can be customized to fit an individual’s needs.  For example, part-time residents will be able to deactivate/reactivate alerts via the Internet and all users will be able to register multiple phone numbers or email addresses.  There is also a language option for Spanish-speaking residents.   

 The system is expected to be up and working sometime in early August.  For more information or sign-up for the notifications/alerts, please contact Brian Duffy at or at 561-712-6327.  

 There are also separate notifications available from local municipalities such as Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Golf, or Highland Beach.  Please contact them directly for more information. 

 Please contact me if I can be of assistance or if you have any comments and/or suggestions.  I can be reached at or in my office at 561-355-2204 (West Palm Beach) or 561-276-1220 (Delray Beach). 

 Also, please visit my website at for updates and links to county divisions and other governmental agencies.



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