Cellulite: What Can, or Cannot, Be Done to Eliminate it….

By Oleda Baker

There are millions of dollars spent very year on “Trying To Get Rid Of Cellulite.” Here are the hard facts on what can, or cannot, be done….once and for all!!

One of the questions I’m asked frequently by friends and customers concerns cellulite. That’s only natural, since it is estimated that 85% of women develop it. So, since it’s such a pervasive question, here’s the total scoop on the subject.

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What is Cellulite? Simply stated, cellulite is fat, the same as any other fat on your body. The term refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin seen in areas of the hips, thighs, and                                                                             buttocks. It is more commonly seen in women because of the way a woman’s body distributes fat. It may become more prevalent at times because of a hormonal surge, like during pregnancy or puberty. It is an increased ratio of fat cells to lean body mass, formed by a system-wide failure to eliminate fibrous proteins that accumulate between the cells. Men are less likely to have cellulite because they have thicker skin, which is much better at hiding the fat beneath.

So what can be done? There are plenty of cellulite treatments. They are listed below but, I tell you in advance, some are expensive; none are permanent, except, perhaps, one that has not yet been proven safe. Some don’t work at all and there are some very temporary ones. As with anything else, you must exercise caution, since some of the unproven treatments could be potentially dangerous.

Exercise and Diet                                                              

Getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet lower in calories, and maintaining a normal weight may work as a cellulite treatment for some people. Experts suggest a whole foods diet with less complex carbohydrates and sugars than usually recommended; large amounts of filtered water; decreasing fats to below 20% of the total diet, and avoiding as much as possible animal fats and processed fats.

But exercise and diet, while it can help, won’t necessarily solve the problem completely.

Self-massage of the affected area regularly might help and can be done easily at home. After massage let gravity help by propping your legs up against a wall or over a chair and massage, very lightly, the crease formed by the legs and the abdomen in order to open the channels for the elimination of those fibrous proteins loosened by the exercise and massage.



There are many creams on the market as cellulite treatments. Most are over the counter and a few are by prescription. Most of them have some fancy sounding ingredient, like prehistoric mud and the pollen of the most rare Alpine weed, etc.

Doctors say these creams may work for some people. Any results, however, are temporary, and the best ones are those containing theophylline or caffeine, which some studies have shown cause fat cells to dissolve.

A combination of a cream, with ingredients that help dissolve the cellulite, and the self-massage of the areas, with the cream, may help in releasing the proteins for elimination while also reducing the fat cells surrounding the proteins. The massage increases circulation which is necessary to carry away the released fats and proteins.

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