Re-elect no one

Editor’s Note: Mike Gora wrote this column at the height of the debate over raising the debt ceiling.

 I am sitting in my PJs in front of my computer at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, July 30, 2011 wondering whether or not my “fortune” relied upon for eventual retirement will have disappeared by next Saturday morning.

 Many of you are in the same position.  At least this time we all know exactly who to blame.  No, it’s not the “Wall Street Barons” or banks, or brokerage houses, or even Bernie, it’s the jerks that we elected last year or two years before that.

 Instead of electing intelligent men and women who put the future of the United States of America ahead of their own personal political aspirations and personal wealth, we have elected two separate groups of scalawags and snake oil salesman who are all willing to make plans which all begin, “Well, first we’ll crash the bus.”

 We have Representatives and Senators who believe that communications include only shouting, and not listening, who believe compromise is weakness, and who believe that frightening every adult in the United States with a brain is a good idea.

 Our Representatives and Senators, who must have never read Animal Farm or Gulliver’s Travels, force us all to live the worst part of those two satiric novels.

 We have Representatives and Senators who have no idea of the wishes, hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the people they govern and to whom they are responsible.

 “My way or the highway” is their motto, greed is their creed, and hubris is a word in the dictionary.

 There is only one solution to the epidemic of stupidity we are faced with: Re-elect no one.


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