Gingrigh stomps for Jewish votes in Delray Beach

By CRA News Service

DELRAY BEACH – After bringing some momentum into Florida this week, GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich is reacting to newly sliding poll numbers by targeting Jewish voters in South Florida.
Gingrich spoke to a hall of about 700 Jewish voters at the South County Civic Center, west of Delray Beach.

He started talking about the economy but quickly segued into talking about problems into the Middle East and how he would address them.

He drew a connection between him and Ronald Regan and ended by saying what he would do with the Israeli embassy.

“The number one challenge of the next president is to adopt a set of policies that will create jobs and will make the economy very dynamic,” he said. “And having worked with Reagan into the 80s we had a very straightforward policy of lower taxes less regulations, more American energy and praising the people who create jobs, which led to about 16 million new jobs.”

Gingrigh promised that one of his first executive orders would be to “instruct the State Department that as of that day to open US American embassy in Jerusalem and move it from Tel Aviv.”

He shook hands with members of the crowd and did not take questions from waiting media, then forced his way to his bus, flanked by U.S. Secret Service agents.

Earlier in the day, he addressed the influential Latin Builders Association in Miami. He announced that he was forming an Hispanic steering committee and that he might tap Latin Senator Marco Rubio as a vice presidential running mate.


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