Delray Beach candidate profiles: Al Jacquet

By Staff Reports

Delray Beach Tribune

DELRAY BEACH -The six candidates running for a seat on the Delray Beach City Commission were asked to submit their answers to a questionnaire for the Delray Beach Tribune and Only two responded. Christina Morrison did not respond to the questions asked. Instead, she submitted her campaign statement.

Here are the answers from Al Jacquet.

Age:  32

Address: P.O.  Box 6233, Delray Beach, Florida 33482


Phone number: 561-414-5677

Family: Parents married for 42 years; four siblings; 7 nieces and nephews; Dog owner

Current occupation:  Legislative Aide to State Representative Mack Bernard

Highest level of education: Juris Doctor (Law Degree)

Public service experience & Civic involvement:

City  of Delray Beach Planning and Zoning Board, Vice-Chair  (board member 2009 – present).

Boyz Today, Men Tomorrow, Founding Member

Carver Middle School, Mentor, Speaker and Volunteer

Village Academy School, Mentor, Speaker and Volunteer

Zion Study Circle (studies race relations in Delray Beach).

Political figure you admire most and why: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt because he was a strong, bold, and intelligent leader who made tough decisions.
Overcoming adversity, FDR etched his name in history with his fresh
forward-thinking economic plan and ability to work with others in getting it

Fun fact about yourself: I’ve lived in four countries and speak four languages.

Office Seeking: Delray Beach City Commission, Seat 2

Why is city government important? City government is where the rubber
hits the road. Our daily lives are affected more by city/local government than
any other level of government. Many residents are losing their homes to
foreclosure. City government has the ability to lower or raise property taxes.
Our water bill may be sky high. City government decides how much we pay for
water and sewer. I support lower taxes and cutting fees.

What is the future of municipal government?  Hopefully to be more community driven and resident friendly, as it should be.  Keep taxes
and fees low, cut wasteful spending, and enhance and protect the quality of
life in all neighborhoods.

What’s your vision for the city? To be more community driven and resident friendly as it should be.  Keep taxes and fees low, cut wasteful
spending, and enhance and protect the quality of life in all neighborhoods.  No parking meters downtown!

As a member of the Delray Beach City Commission,
name your three top priorities for the City.

Lower taxes and cut fees, protect single-family neighborhoods from the proliferation of Transient Housing facilities, and manage growth.

Describe how you plan to implement your top three priorities (50 words or less)

Cut wasteful spending (the lower taxes and fees will attract new businesses), tighten our current ordinances while lobbying other levels of government for assistance with potential ADA issues, and incentivize new and diverse businesses to come to our Congress Avenue corridor  and the side streets of Atlantic Avenue.

Currently city civil service employees contribute 3.5% and police officers and firefighters contribute 9 percent into their retirement fund (PERS). Would you be willing to endorse an increase in the employee retirement contribution for future employees? No

Would you support requiring city employees paying a higher share of their healthcare benefits? No

Would you support or oppose a split-roll property tax which would tax commercial and residential properties at different rates? I oppose raising taxes. Commercial use is different from residential use and therefore should be taxed differently.

Would you support contracting out for non-essential services currently provided by the city? I do not support outsourcing local jobs.

Given the tough economic times, list two areas of city government you would trim. Be specific, naming program and department. Festivals and events downtown; we have so many and they cost the city quite a bit, plus business owners say that these events don’t help business.  Too many consultants and “studies” yet not enough action. We spent about $100,000 on parking studies in order to determine whether we need and how to implement parking meters downtown. I’m the only candidate who has been consistently opposed to the parking meters.

What are your thoughts on the redevelopment of the West Atlantic Avenue corridor? Great start, the CRA has done some good work. We can do better. Let’s consider input from WARC and other community stakeholders.

What are your views on Transient resident facilities in the city? Transient living is eroding our quality of life. There is no reason why a business should be permitted to operate in a single-family residential neighborhood. I’ve been the strongest candidate against the proliferation of transient facilities. As vice-chair of the Planning and Zoning Board, I’ve called for stricter ordinances and stiffer penalties on violators. I will work closely with our Code Enforcement
department and Delray Beach Police to make sure we’re protecting our
family-friendly neighborhoods.

What are your thoughts on a proposal to make the
Congress Avenue corridor the new downtown in hopes of stemming economic development?

Great. We need to lower taxes and incentivize new businesses to come. The
Congress Avenue corridor is untapped and if we work with the cities of Boca
(Yamato Road) and Boynton Beach, we can develop a sustainable business corridor with high-paying jobs. This will also add to our tax base so we won’t have to balance the budget on the backs of our residents and small business owners.


Please provide two personal and two professional references.

Professional references:

Representative Mack Bernard

Bobby Powell, Jr. 


Please provide a brief overview of your campaign strategy i.e., key endorsements, fundraising goals, amount raised to date, consultants you have retained. (50 words or less)

How much money would you have raised for your campaign:

Who has endorsed your campaign: (Elected Leaders & Organizations)

Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association Professional
Firefighters/Paramedics of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Bob Butterworth, former State Attorney General

Senator Maria Sachs

County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor

State Representative Mack Bernard

Are you getting professional help on your campaign? (List names and roles): Patriot Games has been hired as consultants.

What is your core message: It’s the economy, stupid.

Who are your core constituencies: All residents and business owners in the City of Delray Beach.




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