Delray Beach candidate profiles: Christina Morrison

By Staff Reports

Delray Beach Tribune

DELRAY BEACH -The six candidates running for a seat on the Delray Beach City Commission were asked to submit their answers to a questionnaire for the Delray Beach Tribune and Only three responded. Christina Morrison did not respond to the questions asked. Instead, she submitted her campaign statement.

Here are the answers from Christina Morrison.

Age: No response

Address: 1725
S. Federal Highway – #B9-832120


Phone number: (o) 561.921.4188  (m)

Web-site (if available):

Family: No response

Current occupation: Commercial
Realtor and Real Property Consultant

Highest level of education:
Attended Penn State University. Earned Associates Degree.

Public service experience: I have never held a public elected office.

Civic involvement: No response

Political figure you admire most and why: No response

Fun fact about yourself: No response

Office Seeking: Delray Beach City Commission, District #: Seat #2

Why is city government important? No response

What is the future of municipal government? No response

What’s your vision for the city? Promoting the North Federal and South Federal corridors, in addition to the Congress Avenue corridor, as target areas for future growth.  High-end apartment developments are in the
works in all three of these areas and these help to form the basis for
additional and prudent development in these three corridor areas.

By making and keeping our City as “user-friendly” as possible for prudent development in these target areas, it will encourage various developers and companies to invest and build/renovate/beautify the properties in these areas into complementary uses that will enhance these areas and the surrounding neighborhoods.


As a member of the Delray Beach City Commission,
name your three top priorities for the City.

Reducing expenses prudently and increasing revenues wherever possible and prudent.

Describe how you plan to implement your top three priorities (50 words or less)

No response

Currently city civil service employees contribute
3.5% and police officers and firefighters contribute 9 percent into their retirement fund (PERS). Would you be willing to endorse an increase in the employee retirement contribution for future employees? ___Yes ___No

No response

Would you support requiring city employees paying a higher share of their healthcare benefits?  ___Yes __ No

No response

Would you support or oppose a split-roll property tax which would tax commercial and residential properties at different rates? __Support ___Oppose

No response

Would you support contracting out for non-essential services currently provided by the city? ___ Yes __ No

No response

Given the tough economic times, list two areas of city government you would trim. Be specific, naming program and department.

No response

What are your thoughts on the redevelopment of the West Atlantic Avenue corridor?

No response

What are your views on Transient resident facilities in the city? (25 words or less)

No response

What are your thoughts on a proposal to make the
Congress Avenue corridor the new downtown in hopes of stemming economic development?


Please provide two personal and two professional references.

Professional references:

No response


Please provide a brief overview of your campaign strategy i.e., key endorsements, fundraising goals, amount raised to date, consultants you have retained. (50 words or less)

No response

How much money would you have raised for your campaign:

No response

Who has endorsed your campaign:


Elected Leaders & Organizations  


Business Leaders   

So far, business owners throughout the City, Realtors’ Association of the Palm Beaches, Florida Realtors, beach-area property owners

Are you getting professional help on your campaign?
(List names and roles):

No response

What is your core message:

No response


Who are your core constituencies:  No response


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