Café De France is now Carpe Diem in Delray Beach

By: Marc Kent

On October of 2010 we did a mini review of Café De France at 110 East Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach and sampled a bit of their fare.

The French onion soup has a true taste, light yet full bodied with lots of onion and a nice cheese topping. The soup Du Jour was a simple vegetable puree. The Caesar salad and house salad had fine taste, properly prepared. The escargot had very light garlic and oil.

This January of 2012 we returned to a new name and an updated menu. We assume both soups and salad are as before – not tasted or tested by us, sorry – management limited us on what we could taste. The current menu lists 5 cold and 8 hot appetizers including our old sampling. We can offer no report on the warm cheese bruschetta, foie gras, cheese ravioli, mushroom risotto or mussels marrinieres to offer, nor the tomato mozzarella, smoked salmon marinated, cheese platter or selection of fresh cut meats.

3 flatbreads and 5 small salads are featured plus 4 entree salads including foie gras, salmon and brie, shrimp and goat or chevre chaud-unable to comment on any of these.

Some 10 items listed as “Field and Farm” include coq au vin stewed in burgundy wine sauce, duck orange with grand marnier sauce and braised lamb shank with rosemary, garlic, tomatoes and red wine sauce- nice sized portions with sides of potato au gratin and zucchini/yellow squash medley. Unfortunately, each sauce overpowered the dish it covered to obscure the basic taste of the chicken, the duck and the lamb. While they have 8 items listed as “From the Sea” we were unable to sample any. Ditto for the savory crepes, risotto selection or the 6 pastas on their menu.

Carpe Diem has a wine list of reds and whites, many available by glass as well as bottle. Pricing is in line for an upscale establishment.
There is a menu “Epicurien” at reduced pricing that has 5 appetizers, 13 entrees and 4 dessert offerings.

We did have the opportunity to sample these desserts and happy to report a fine chocolate coated poached pear, profiteroles with melted chocolate, a chocolate fondant with a rich core and a standard crème brulee.

We note they have a 2 for 1 Happy Hour from 4:30 PM to 6:15PM plus- after 5PM- $5.00 appetizers, some 10 to choose from.
Seating 45 inside and 65 outside, Carpe Diem is open 7 days – Monday thru Friday from 11AM to 11PM, Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 11PM. They suggest reservations- 561-455-2140.


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