Every Person Needs Tune-Ups!

By: Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Those who own and drive an automobile, anywhere in the world, are fully aware of the periodical need of a tune-up for their vehicle. It’s not an emergency procedure, when things are falling apart, but just a wise precaution to ensure that what is functioning well shall remain so!

Nevertheless, human life needs tune-ups far more than cars; sadly, many people do not recognize that. Perhaps they are at a loss regarding where to bring their all to have such procedure done to them.

It is increasingly obvious that everywhere people are attempting to improve various items, to perfect existing products, besides fine-tuning whatever they may consider important. Yet, regrettably, little or nothing is being done by a great majority in terms of personal betterment, except of a cosmetic nature. Just think of the billions spent on beauty products as well as in certain surgeries which end up bringing more aggravation than the joy and peace being sought!

The necessity of more significant and essential personal tune-ups is manifested when people take time for life inventories, so as to ascertain what may be lacking in their life which can be added, or what exists in excess that can be subtracted.

While too many individuals seem more concerned with mere appearances and other externalities in their outer make-up, everyone’s focus must turn to the inside. Persons need a new outlook on many things, a changed attitude toward other persons, a more balanced life in terms of food, drink, exercise, recreation, family, work, and spirituality.

The Bible alludes to the fact that humans are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and people need more fully to recognize all the intricacies of what makes them who they are, what causes them to tick, and how they have been uniquely wired for the kind of functioning the Creator intended for them.

Most auto tune-ups may take place at the manufacturer’s shop, or with a reliable mechanic in his garage. Whatever the location maybe where the vehicle is taken to, the work is to be done only by one intimately familiar with the functioning of the object of that tune-up.

When it comes to human lives, problems can be avoided by frequent contact with the owner’s manual which, in this case, is the holy Bible. There God provides all the necessary procedures for one’s maximum operation. There, one can also find instructions for fixing much that may not necessitate an outside mechanic. The key ingredient is to be ever alert to any malfunctioning, and to recognize the unlimited resources available, and how best to employ them to prevent stagnation and paralysis.

Not to be forgotten is the fact that the divine creator remains at all times available to rescue us from any accident, to fix whatever gets damaged, and to improve the quality of operation through one’s  regular contact with Him at all times, and in every possible circumstance!


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I'm a person of simple taste, all I need is some country music, Batman, Star Wars, sports, coffee, and most importantly Jesus Christ, because what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? View all posts by Pedro Heizer

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