What Can You Do?

By: Douglas Heizer

With the Boca Raton City Elections coming up around the corner, we at our office have been getting swamped with calls, emails, and even letters from citizens accusing both candidates of things they have done wrong and boasting of the things they have done right.

When we get these emails and calls we just think to ourselves about that bible verse in John 8:7 when Jesus is being asked by the Pharisees about what they should do with the woman that was caught in the act of adultery. Jesus simply looked at them and said “He who is without sin cast the first stone”.

That goes for elections as well. We all know no one is perfect, we are all humans and we all make mistakes. Personally we don’t believe in the tactic of campaigning when both sides simply accuse the other of things. And honestly, we think everyone is…

Just look at the news or listen to the Republican Primaries, the only thing the candidates are doing is attacking one another, telling the media what the other has done wrong. But, the one thing that everyone seems to be failing to do is say what they can actually do.

We at the Boca Raton Tribune don’t take any responsibility for anything our paid advertiser put on their advertisements. We are on our 89th edition of the paper and we have not once picked a side, we give you the unbiased news. If you can remember back during the 2010 elections, we had the Republicans one week in the paper, then the next we had the Democrats.

We have always given both sides of the story and we won’t begin to pick sides now. There is already so much bad news in the world, and so our editorials are always trying to give the best side of the news.

We wish both Anthony Majhess and Frank Chapman good luck with their campaigns, may the best man win.

Next week, we will have an interview with both candidates on their plans as to what they would do if they are elected to the City Council. Stay Tuned.


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