Total Eclipse of the Arts

By Raymond Campbell, Jr.

Arts Columnist

We often face times when a loved one gets blown away in the wind. And just recently another was blown away with the death of Trayvon Martin. Many may wonder what he has to say. To all who has had a loved one taken away, this one’s for you:

Title: When I’m Gone Don’t Cry

Mood: Dreaming

I want to tell you I’m in a better place now.
Hahaha, don’t worry. Me and Jesus up here laughing it up.
Down on earth wasn’t the best for me.
It’s all good I’m finally home now. It was just my time to be with God.

In your head you probably thinking, why I had to leave.
Just want you to know it was my father calling for me.
Mamma, I know you’re sitting crying. But don’t cry for me.
Just rejoice and thank God I’m living life free.
I left the crazy world we live in behind.
Now I’m living in a world of peace with no pain.
Just a wise word to the young, while your parents live, always honor them.
For your days shall be longer.

So Ma’ as you close your eyes tonight don’t you dare shed another tear.
Know that I’m up here in God’s mansion.
For I’m at peace now.
You no longer have to cry.
So, when I’m gone don’t cry just always know, I’m living in the sky waiting for the day God brings you by.


Raymond Campbell, Jr., is a Junior at Village Academy. He is compiling a poetry anthology.

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