Students given tips to demystify FCAT fears

By CRA Media Group

DELRAY BEACH— A licensed clinical social worker taught the students how to relax their minds by doing the taping exercise. A K-5 instructional specialist led them in a rap song to boost confidence and a high school principal told them to get plenty of rest and arrive to school early.

These were some of the tips and advice students from across the city received at an FCAT spirit rally on Saturday.

“One thing we need to focus on is how we breathe and that we breathe,” said Shari Kaplan, founder of the Can’t Tell Foundation, a Boca Raton-based nonprofit organization which aims to help bullying victims cope – and eventually overcome – their pain. “When you breathe in … you are breathing in wisdom and love. And when you exhale, you are exhaling all the stressors of your life and of the moment.”

The free rally, organized by the Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network, prepared the students mentally and emotionally to excel on the test, which begins April 16.

“There’s a lot of stress involved for students, teachers and administrators and parents surrounding these tests, so anything we can do to demystify those fears will help,” said Bobby Canatta, president of the KOPMN.  “This is an attempt to calm their nerves before this dreaded test.”

Rather than worry about the state exam, the students sang and danced to music, played in a bounce house and munched on a variety of snacks and food. The Police Department brought out its SWAT truck and motorized units. The chief and assistant chief were also present for the entire two-hour event.

Governor Rick Scott sent his best wishes to the students.

“One of my highest priorities is to make our state educational system a world-class model for learning and to provide our young people with the knowledge they need to lead successful and productive lives,” he wrote. “Our young people are our greatest resources, and their education is our best insurance of a healthy and prosperous future.”

The event was sponsored by C. Golden Hair Designs, Don’t Tell Center, Inc., eSanghe, High Q Auto, Delray Beach Police Department, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, CRA Media Group, Delray Beach Tribune, Resurrection Life Fellowship and Knights of Pythagoras Mentoring Network.


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