Total Eclipse of the Arts

By Raymond Campbell, Jr.

Arts Columnist

Today Is A Day For A Sonnet as we often find ourselves single for a while and becoming lonely. So we start looking for that someone special to love and we may not know exactly how to tell them and need a way to do that. So, if that’s you, then this is for you.

Title: In My Eyes (Sonnet)
Mood: Waiting

I search to fulfill my heart’s cry for love
Through this journey I stumble upon you
Within you I see what is called true love
I wish to attempt a try at this love
To be with you will grant my only wish
At times I wish that I had a genie
One that will grant my three wishes for love
My first wish is to be with you, my love
My second wish is to love you forever
My last wish is for you to love me back
If only you knew how I care for you
I would give you my heart inside your hands
Just allow me to hold you for one night
Then love will forever last in my eyes.

Raymond Campbell, Jr., is a Junior at Village Academy. He is compiling a poetry anthology.

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