How Reliable Are You?

By: Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Any society to thrive and survive, depends on the interactions and transactions among its human constituents. Any relationship or institution will advance only to the extent that those involved in it act responsibly by showing they are reliable, not just in major issues but also in small ways. In fact, it is normally faithfulness in small dealings which provides the needed clue for others to engage in greater, more significant transactions in society. A casual, thoughtless, irresponsible attitude won’t ever do!

Some people often wonder why they were bypassed in a promotion, or why their salary was not increased when it was expected, or why a certain commendation did not come to them at the moment it was anticipated. Perhaps an honest, internal look into one’s personal reliability, or lack thereof, may offer the needed clue!

All this stems from a solid, human, common-sense principle: No relationship will last, no business will expand, no diplomatic effort will succeed, if a person’s word cannot be taken seriously. This remains true both personally as well as corporately. One will never advance in anything if he or she customarily only says what they assume to be what others desire to hear. But it is the “delivery” that ultimately counts! Many individuals will lose their credibility after a while, if they repeatedly engage in unreliable, irresponsible practices, even when their intention is not necessarily dishonest or malicious. Such persons will very quickly run out of valid excuses.

There was a time, especially in American society, when major deals were closed with a mere hand-shake. One’s word, backed by appropriate actions, is and should always be a most significant asset, a most precious commodity, both to one’s personal reputation and, most importantly, because it is the proper thing to demonstrate.

People cannot take refuge in the excuse that they are wired differently, which makes them act in a certain fashion. To live meaningfully and effectively in the world people constantly need to adapt themselves to varied, less desirable situations, just as much as they do with more pleasant conditions they prefer. Anything short of that is pure mediocrity, as well as irresponsibility; it denotes an unreliable posture, totally void of any justification.

Life can be a more enjoyable adventure when we are faithful in small things as well as in bigger issues. It all pertains to one’s planning of activities and apportioning the time needed to accomplish every task. And being reliable is never an insurmountable effort; it is a key ingredient which allows human relationships to excel, while impacting other lives eager to emulate that essential quality one can easily project!


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