Everyone is affected by bullying

By Aaranae Ford

The girl has scars all over her arms and thighs.

She cut herself because of other children’s thoughtlessness.  She even carved the word “ugly” into her flesh because of the hurtful ‘jokes’ that others often make.

She is one of the most gorgeous people you will ever meet. And if she only knew how beautiful she is, both inside and out, the words and actions of others would not determine her worth.

It is unfair that we live in a world where people tell you to be yourself, yet when you do try to express who you are, others judge and bully you if you are not ‘identical’ to them.

Bullying is not something that I or anyone else, should take lightly. Hundreds of thousands of children are harassed everyday because of their looks, the music that they like, their sexual orientation, the people that they hang out with, and even the clothes on their back. Bullying has a powerful effect and some people just do not understand the magnitude of it.

I often see kids getting pushed around and laughed at. Whether it is in a joking manner or not, it still has negative effects.

These are the same children who have emotional scars or scars from cutting themselves the night before. Do you know what it is like to have to do everything with caution, in fear of being bullied? Or having to put on the appearance of ‘perfect’ to avoid becoming the laughing stock?

No one should have to feel afraid to like what they like or do the things that they enjoy doing. When the pressure starts building up remember that, “There could never be a more beautiful you.”

We cannot choose who we are; however, bullies have the choice of making someone’s day or ruining their life.

Aaranae Ford is an eighth-grader at BAK Middle School of the Arts


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