Total Eclipse of the Arts

By Raymond Campbell, Jr.

Arts Columnist

At times we fail to realize the lady and her strength. So I dedicate this poem to the women who feel they are forgotten. Ray cares if no one else does.

Title: The Lady & Her Strength

Anonymous creature
You are strong, independent, a star by far.
You can overcome the struggles and still smile.
Burn in the depths of hell and still laugh.
Crying on the inside and laughing on the outside.
When lights turn off you can light a candle and tell story.
Overcome a beating and recognize that everything has gone wrong.
Feeling vulnerable yet still fight back.
What is this creature so wise and strong?
Mentality of a snake; you can be alone yet you cross it’s path.
Will swallow you whole.
This cute a woman and a Queen by far.

Raymond Campbell, Jr., is a Junior at Village Academy. He is compiling a poetry anthology.


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