Read All About it. The Delray Beach Tribune is Here

By: Douglas HeizerThose of us at the Boca Raton Tribune are joining together with pride today to announce that the long-awaited Delray Beach Tribune is now available as in print edition form.

We’ve been hinting at it for the past few weeks, including a page of Delray Beach Tribune news in the Boca Raton Tribune.

We congratulate everyone who has worked to make Delray’s newest and best newspaper a reality, in particular, C. Ron Allen, the managing editor.  He has a tremendous background in the newspaper industry along with much expertise in covering Delray Beach.  There’s no finer a person to handle the job of making the Delray Beach Tribune the success that the Boca Raton Tribune has been.

Those of you who have been reading the Boca Raton Tribune for more than two years may understand how we operate.  The Boca Tribune began as a website back in 2010.  The site gained readership until it was strong enough to spin off a print edition.  But we still keep the Boca Tribune website up to date on breaking and in-depth news to keep the community informed.

The same thing happened with the Delray Beach Tribune.  C. Ron Allen began the task of putting together a website soon after the Boca Raton Tribune hit the streets.  It has always been our intention to put the Delray Tribune into print, but not before it developed its own following.  And we are very happy to report that many Delray residents go to to get their news about local events.

We think C. Ron Allen has done a wonderful job covering Delray Beach, calling upon his sources and acquaintances to produce great coverage.  We commend him and look forward to seeing how the Delray Beach Tribune works as a print edition.

It will begin as a monthly edition, with hopes that it will soon go to every other week and then to weekly.  The Boca Tribune took a similar path, starting as a website, then going to print every other week and then weekly in October of 2010.  It has remained weekly since then.

The fact that we have put two newspapers into print in just over two years is a testament to the strength of our business plan.

We will also continue to work on the Coral Springs Tribune website so that it can be spun of as a print product in the future.  Editor David Volz is also doing a tremendous job on that site, working hard in the neighborhood to bring the news to everyone in that Broward County community.

The Tribune organization is proud of what it has done, despite a general downturn in newspaper readership nationwide and a very difficult economy.  But we have been able to turn opportunities into reality.

We are really not the ones responsible for the success of these websites and publications.  It is you, our readers, who have kept us alive – and we continue to work to serve you with the best news coverage in the area.

We will let you know when we make our next big move.

In the meantime, God Bless America!


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