Total Eclipse of the Arts

By Raymond Campbell, Jr.

Arts Columnist

Look out into the world tell me what do you see. Tell me do you appreciate the world and the beauty that’s in it or do we like treat it like the trash can and throw things in it.

Title: Littering

Mood: Reflecting

You throw unto me oil when you allow troubled people to spill.
I watch as you pour spoil milk on me with your funky attitude.
Why do you treat as if I’m beneath you when the whole of me is greater than you.
I provide to many life and you attempt to steal it.
Try to take away the love I give with the waste you drop on me.
Why is there people who take what they are given for granted.
You poop back on me when I have given you opportunity and you abandon it.
As you step on my face look on the inside and see all the green I provide.
As you admire my inside take a step back and appreciate all I give.
I am earth, I am the world, I am your heart beat, I am your friend & never should You treat me as I’m a trash can.

Raymond Campbell, Jr., is a Junior at Village Academy. He is compiling a poetry anthology.



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