Taking Inventory

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

It is important that people know what their resources are! It is imperative that they live aware of their varied possessions, including thoughts stored in the mind, and of  ways that everything belonging to them may be utilized for their wellbeing and for the benefit of others.

It’s not necessary to duplicate what you already own, especially what has remained unused for a long time, yet still totally unspoiled. Then, there are things which improve with age, and items which increase their worth with time. One’s ideas should also be expanded to become more useful and impacting.

What is sad, however, is that many people will chase after things they already possess but can never find them in the search, not even among their personal belongings. That’s why it is important for one to take inventory of what one has, so as to ascertain exactly where to locate those items whenever needed and sought, or discard the unwanted and the unnecessary!

But taking inventory is not merely to determine what you already own. It is also to acknowledge what you lack but may still secure. One may have a lot and still live in bankrupticy. Mere accumulation of riches devoid of what is most essential, brings no advantage to anyone!

Persons are safer when they focus more on essential realities instead of mere material allurements, on the permanent instead of the transitory, on what offers long-lasting satisfaction and not just sudden thrills! This must be so because “if spiritual wealth has not been developed, no amount of money will make us happy” as the late John Marks Templeton had noted. One leaves the world as naked as when one first entered it!

Quite often excessive earthly baggage prevents one from making adequate progress in the direction one must go, to reach what one truly needs! Success is guaranteed for those who recognize that even items which are legitimate in one’s personal journey can often prevent one from staying on course, on account of unexpected distractions which that can cause!

Single-mindedness has always been a most worthwhile value to be cherished. Going after the right things will always lead and keep one in the right track! As someone intimated, “where your attention goes, your energy flows.”  When taking personal inventory of your life, be sure that essentials remain paramount among all you possess!


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