By: Marc Kent

We commented earlier on this Japanese restaurant’s extensive and rewarding dinner menu. We now report on their menu luncheon fare with a wide selection of treats at very reasonable pricing.

Start with an appetizer choice of edamame, California roll, spring rolls or Gyoza (dumpling) served with soup or salad. We had crisp spring roll filled with juicy vegetables, then deep fried. The Gyoza pork and vegetable steamed dumplings had a fine taste as well.

There are 4 chicken dishes – chicken Thai curry, chicken sweet/sour plus chicken fried rice (light and tasty) and chicken teriyaki (full flavored)…both excellent choices.

Not to be undone, 4 beef selections include Mongolian beef (we sampled this fine dish at our dinner review) and beef Thai basil. We did sample beef and broccoli then “drunken noodles beef” – no alcohol here. The meat was tender and tasty in the fine sauces.

4 shrimp dishes feature shrimp stir-fry, shrimp + veggie tempura plus – our tasting choices – shrimp Pad Thai – a tangy dish with a bit of an after bite – lastly, shrimp Thai curry, nicely spiced. All fine dishes!

One may select from the menu’s sushi lovers (7 pieces) or sashimi lover (9 pieces)…Chef’s choice here.
In addition, there are BBQ skewers – 3 or 4 pieces each of chicken, beef, shrimp and zucchini, presented all on one plate.

From a list of 10 exotic rolls, select any 2 rolls from simple to complex ingredients.

4 combinations plates feature sushi or sashimi with chicken or shrimp specials plus a JB roll or California roll – your choice.

Yakitori has 8 or 9 daily specials, changing every two days – to augment their standard menu. We had a jumbo raw oyster, sliced thin with a bite to the sauce. The Japanese snapper was a paper thin fish, dainty and fine tasting.

You can select from wines, sakes from a very large selection of libations.

Located at 271 SE Mizner Blvd. in Boca Raton’s Royal Palm Plaza (561-544-0087), Yakitori serves lunch from 11AM to 3PM (dinner from 3PM to 11PM).

This is a bright, modern bistro with attentive staff and reasonably priced. We suggest you…Go and Enjoy!


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