How Effective is Your 30 Second Pitch?

By Alpesh Patel

Last month we examined the effectiveness of your personal presentation in terms of your body language and a suggestion of a “30 Second Elevator Pitch,” and style of presenting your business card.

During the past few weeks, I have received several requests to clarify the merits of a “30 Second Elevator Pitch” and to expand on the key elements that one should include in drafting one’s own pitch.

The premise for creating a “30 Second Pitch” is to serve to three simple objectives – Clarity and Brevity and Curiosity. In other words, to clearly communicate the benefits of your product or service in a brief story that is ideally interesting and capable of sparking the curiosity of your prospective client.

Your 30 second pitch should include:
WHO – Introduce yourself and your company. Keep it simple and avoid taglines.
WHAT – Describe your products and/or services. Keep it focused and avoid listing items.
WHY – Describe the top benefits of your offerings in terms of “what’s in it for me” – your prospective client.

Keep in mind that 30 seconds of speaking translates into about 130-150 words. If you find yourself over this guideline, please take the time to edit and revise. Prospective clients can and will form lasting impressions in as little as three seconds, and the average attention span starts to wane after 15-20 seconds. If you haven’t made your point in 30 seconds (or less) and your audience has not asked questions, you’ve missed your opportunity.

When drafting your pitch, be prepared to revisit and refine it until it answers the above questions within the 30 second goal and clearly states the WHY.  It’s the WHY – the “what’s in it for me” that will create the personal connection and inspire questions from your prospective client.

Your “30 Second Pitch” should be well practiced and clear of industry jargon, buzzwords, and especially catchphrases. You only have 130-150 words, don’t waste them – select each one wisely. Just be sincere about your products and services.
Regardless of your industry, a well-practiced “30 Second Pitch” is a powerful tool that is always available at a moment’s notice.

Alpesh Patel is the Chief Brand Harmonist at eSANGHE, a brand and strategic consulting firm. He is a Brand & Alignment Strategist, Business Development Expert, Information Architect, and For-Purpose Entrepreneur/Activist. He may be reached at or tel: 877.297.2835 or


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