Spanish River High Students, Teacher Cover Presidential Debate For C-Span

By David Bito

Special to the Delray Beach Tribune

BOCA RATON Three students from Spanish River High School and their teacher will attend the 2012 Presidential debate at Lynn University, as guests of C-SPAN, the Delray Beach Tribune has learned.

Ilana Weisman, editor-in-chief of The Galleon newspaper; Sarah Darwiche and Ross Toback, both co-editors of the Tiburon yearbook, will serve as C-SPAN Student Journalists and will be tweeting their observations throughout the night. Their teacher, Michael Bartholomew, will accompany them at the Oct. 22 event.

Weisman and Darwiche are seniors.

 “We are very excited about the opportunity Spanish River Community High School students and their teacher have to become involved with the 2012 Presidential debate at Lynn University,” Assistant Principal Mara Goron said.

Weisman, 17, thinks the opportunity to cover the Presidential debate will allow her to grow as a journalist and as a political pundit.

 “The chance to see a piece of history is incredible alone but I’m curious to see how real journalists operate,” said Weisman who served on the newspaper’s staff for three years.

“I’m extraordinarily excited for the debate,” Weisman said. “I am an avid follower of politics, and I’m sure the spin room experience for the foreign policy-centered debate will be able to combine my interests of international affairs and journalism wonderfully.”

Weisman’s interest in politics is apparent. She is heavily involved in Model United Nations and is an intern for Organizing for America. She plans to study international relations and political science after graduation, and hopes to intertwine journalism into her career path.

Darwiche, 16, is a member of both the school’s yearbook staff and its debate team. These two activities have sparked her interest in student journalism, providing a forum that balances local school affairs with national political issues. After graduation, she hopes to study public health services. Her ultimate goal is to earn a master’s degree in occupational therapy, and then open a community center for individuals with special needs.


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