Saggy Pants Ordinance Passes in Cocoa

By Delray Beach Tribune wire services

COCOA — Cocoa city leaders passed an ordinance Tuesday night forcing residents to pull up their pants or pay the price.

City leaders said they’re seeing too much underwear showing, and soon they’ll be able to impose a $25 fine on anyone caught with sagging pants.

The mayor and police chief said the ordinance, which passed 3 to 1 in a City Council vote, will make Cocoa a more decent place.

“Maybe this is something that does need to be addressed in our society,” said Police Chief Mark Klayman.

Men like Travis Bradley call it profiling. Bradley walks around with one hand on his pants in order to keep them from falling all the way to his ankles.

“We sag our pants. It’s just because that’s a new style. It’s how we want to look. Nothing bad or nothing,” Bradley said.

Under the new ordinance, tape measure-wielding police officers will be able to stop and ticket anyone wearing pants 3 inches below the waistline, which is defined as the crest of the ilium.

The chief said it’s a tool to potentially get guns and drugs off the streets. Officers could stop suspicious-looking “saggers.”

“Just like you if you stop a car with a taillight out, it can lead to other charges,” Klayman said.

“I think it’s a violation of our rights, because we should be able to wear our clothes how we want to wear them,” Bradley said.


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