You Can’t Succeed All Alone!

October 5, 2012   ·  


By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Succeeding at anything in life is often the outcome of a joint venture, it stems from a collaborative engagement. Every individual on earth is dependent on others if one is to function adequately in society, most especially in areas where something significant is the ultimate goal. Humans are social creatures and operate best interdependently because no single person ever has all the answers to anything.

Furthermore, no person should be viewed as omni-competent on any life issue.  Despite the abundant knowledge and proven skills which anyone may manifest, there’s something unique which shall still be lacking that only another fellow human can provide for the completion of something worthwhile.

It’s good and commendable for anyone to show personal initiative in a new venture, to attempt to do as much as he or she can on one’s own. But the time inevitably comes when others must be consulted, when the wisdom and skills from someone else are necessary to be brought onboard, before a project can legitimately reach its successful conclusion.

A practical benefit stemming from all this, is that a unique fraction of the eventual product also brings credit to somebody additional. The inventor, the originator of the idea, the one who may have started the whole enterprise all alone, recognized the need to ask questions of others; she was forced to seek aid on complicated features. In other words, wisdom led that project initiator to acknowledge other elements of the work to which necessary, beneficial expertise, should be sought and utilized!

This concept was uniquely expressed many years ago, by a wise American when he proclaimed: “You cannot borrow character, but you can borrow brains.” With that in mind he diligently sought all the right persons with the expertise he lacked, and proceeded to build a great university which still continues to flourish in one of our southern states.

The ingenuity and the final quality of any significant project shall manifest far greater superiority when it is accomplished with the participation of a well-chosen team instead of a lone ranger which is limited in scope and procedures. This applies to great and small endeavors! It takes joint efforts to bring great endeavors to benefit the human race at any level!


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