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August 1, 2012   ·  

Douglas Heizer


The mayors of Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, DC are intolerant bigots.

Recently, the president of Chick-fil-A discussed his deeply-held religious views on marriage.  He doesn’t support gay marriage.

Understand this.  The company doesn’t engage in discriminatory hiring practices.  Nor does it refuse to serve customers.  This should be the only concern to government officials.

Yet [Boston’s] Tom Menino, [Chicago’s] Rahm Emanuel, [San Francisco’s] Edwin Lee  and [Washington, DC’s] Vincent Gray announced their desire to block the chain from operating or expanding into their cities.

[Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno has vowed to block the restaurant chain’s expansion in that city. Chicago politicians would be better employed addressing the city’s murder rate.  Chicago hasone of the highest murder rates in America.  It’s four times that of New York City. ]

[Even CNN weighed-in on the mayors’ attacks on Chick-fil-A with one columnist referring to Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC as ‘enlightened’ cities.]

This is a clear violation of the speech and religion clauses of the First Amendment.

Consider what two of these mayors do support. Menino gave Boston property to a mosque that included a leader who preached death to gays and urged women to become suicide bombers. Now that’s equality for you.

Emanuel welcomed to Chicago the raging anti-Semite and racist Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Are these mayors hypocrites?  Or just plain stupid?

I’ve responded to their bigoted positions by picking up Chick-fil-A [meals] for the entire newsroom.  This is not about gay marriage.  It’s about free speech.  And freedom of religion.

August 1st is national Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.  Stop by a restaurant.  And maybe boycott Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and DC.


  1. Chick-Fil-A is the bigot. They should be boycotted.

  2. I am NOT visiting Chick-Fil-A until they change their position. Yes they can exercise their right to free speach just like the rest of us can choose where we eat and what we buy.

  3. From my friend Andrew who makes a good point. Happy to share it with you.

    “To all the hypocrites protesting Chik-fil-A:

    You pretend to care about equal rights, so you are protesting a restaurant that you probably never ate at anyway. Good for you; I’m sure that is accomplishing a lot. Chik-fil-A’s lines have never been longer. You’ve also given priceless publicity to their anti-gay groups.

    Fact: In China, they literally murder baby girls by the thousands because of the One Child Policy. How come I don’t see you protesting Apple for selling products made by their labor?

    Fact: The Bayer corporation collaborated with the Nazi party and carried out human experimentation on Jews. How come I don’t see you protesting CVS for carrying their anti-Semitic aspirin?

    So, you care about gay marriage but don’t give a crap about the needless slaughtering of women or Jews? Get off your high horse and stop pretending to be better than everyone because you eliminated your once-a-year trip to eat a chicken sandwich.

    I’d bet anything that if Apple started giving money to anti-gay groups you would never get rid of your iPhone. I’d bet anything that if Bayer started giving money to anti-gay groups you’d still pop their pills to get rid of your headaches. You are all protesters of convenience, and just want to appear to your friends like you care about a cause that you have never done anything to help.

    Have you ever actually donated your money or time to a pro-gay marriage group? I didn’t think so – that would actually require you to do something. And require you to actually care, which you don’t. Half of you don’t even show up to the polls on election day; you are the ones who don’t even have the right to open your mouths. You know who you are.

    Go ahead, keep making your Facebook statuses about how all men are created equal, while people are being killed around the world and discriminated against by the very companies that make the clothes you wear, the computer you’re typing on and the TV stations you watch.

    You people make me sick.”


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