Obama’s Farewell

October 29, 2012   ·  

Douglas Heizer

By: Douglas Heizer

Have you realized that Obama had his last presidential debate of his entire life here in Boca Raton?  Did you realize that this is his last Presidential campaign?

Winner or not this is the end of a career of a huge political phenom. I don’t think in the case he loses he will run again.

In his entire life he only ran three campaigns for State Senator in Illinois. He won the Democratic primary unopposed in 1996 and for reelection in 1998 and 2002, and one unsuccessful campaign for the United States House of Representative in 2000. One campaign for US Senator in 2005 and two presidential campaigns. He worked a total of 6 campaigns.

He rose to national prominence by delivering the 2004 Democratic National Conventional keynote address on 27th of July. His unexpected landslide victory, in March 2004 at the Illinois U.S. Senate Democratic primary,  made him an overnight rising star within the national Democratic Party and started speculation about a presidential future, leading to the reissue of his memoir, Dreams from My Father.

He worked as community organizer, editor of the Harvard Law Review, as a lawyer, writer and as a college teacher.

He is really someone that must inspire all of our youths.

Everything happening in a very short period of time, 1994 to 2008. This is amazing.

Without ever being an executive or an administrator or even a prominent legislator, with his charisma and sagacity, he became the 44th President of the United States of America, during a period of huge changes in the world which brought challenges for the USA in foreign policy and economy.

He is a very intelligent and charismatic person and prominent African-American citizen. This gave him his first national attention being the first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review. He was also the fifth African-American Senator in the U.S. history, the third to be popularly elected and the first African-American President of the United States.

Now he is a very wealthy man, and more money will be added to his personal fortune after his term ends, just with some appearance and speeches.

A long time ago, my father-in-law said something to me while we debated about a presidential candidate in Brazil, that made me think a lot and it is very valuable at this time: “The hunter might be very good but what make things bad is the kind of dogs he brings to the hunt. Some are old, with a lot of bad habits and are used to eating too much. Some new, without any experience and training, they don’t have a clue about what they need to do.”

Never mind, God already elected the next president; we just need to wait to see.

Until next week.



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