Tale of a fool

August 13, 2012   ·

Douglas Heizer

By: Douglas Heizer

“The greatest pleasure of an intelligent man is playing the fool on a fool who plays intelligent. “

“It is said that in a countryside town a group of people was having fun with the fool of the village. A poor soul, of little intelligence, who lived off small jobs and alms.

Every day they would call the fool to the bar where they met and offered him a choice between two coins: a large one of $400 and the smaller one, of $2000. He always chose the larger but less valuable one, which was reason for laughs.

One day, one of the members of the group called him and asked if he hasn’t yet noticed that the larger coin was worth less.

“I know” the fool answered. “It is worth 5 times less, but the day I choose the other one, the game will be over and I will not get any coins anymore.”

We can draw several conclusions from this small narrative.

The first:  The one that looks like a fool, is not always the fool

The second: Who were the real fools of the story?

The third: If you are greedy, you will end up spoiling your source of income.

But the most interesting conclusion is: the perception that we might be fine, even when others don’t have a good opinion about us.

Therefore, what matters is not what others think about us, but who we really are.

The greatest pleasure of an intelligent man is playing the fool on a fool who plays intelligent.

Worry more about your conscience than your reputation.

Because your conscience is what you are, and your reputation is what others think about you. And, what other thinks about you…. it is their problem”

I don’t know who the author of this text is. I copied from friend on the internet.

Dear friends, I will love to hear from you any story like this… I’ve enjoy this moment a couple of times in my life!  To be honest, this is happening at this moment with one of the things I am involved in.  I’m only enjoying the moment.

Have a great week, God Bless you.




    1. I agree, Douglas. That’s why I am not supporting Obama again in 2012, as I did in 2008, despite my friends dislike of my decision. I hope you and everyone sees Obama’s America 2016, playing now at the Cinemark in Boca on airport road. Then they should make up their own minds.





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