Commissioner Under Investigation Over Residency

By CRA News Service

BOYNTON BEACH – (DEC 3) Authorities are considering filing charges against an embattled city commissioner who sent naked pictures of herself to her married first cousin, the Delray Beach Tribune has learned.

In documents obtained by the Tribune, Commissioner Marlene Ross allegedly lied about her residency several times.

No one from the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office or the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics would officially confirm the investigation or possible charges.  However, sources close to the probe said an arrest is imminent.

According to the documents, Ross sold a home in October 2011 and bought a new home about one month later. She stayed at her parent’s Lantana home as she remodeled her new home.

According the city’s charter, any commissioner who moves out of the city would “automatically forfeit his/her office.”

Ross did not return messages seeking comment.

Neighbors at her Lantana’s address however, told Delray Beach Tribune reporters and investigators that Ross had been living at the home for about two years.

Ross however changed her address on file to a Boynton Beach, records show. However, that address was the office address to the real estate agent who sold her the house, the records show.

In November, she provided city officials with a copy of her new Driver’s License with a Miami address.

Ross was hired at Miami’s WLRN radio, which required her to have a Miami address as a condition of her employment. She however continued to serve as a Boynton Beach City Commissioner.

Ross has been under fire since her admission to the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s office that she feared a former commissioner was blackmailing her because he knew of naked pictures she had sent to a cousin, with whom she was having a romantic fling.


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