Conference Focused on Nurturing Mind, Body, Soul

By CRA News Service

BOYNTON BEACH (Dec. 3) – The campus of St. John Missionary Baptist Church buzzed with activity last week as speakers from across the country participated in a four-day conference to win souls for the lord.

The seventh annual TAP561° 2012 National Men’s Conference did more than focused on scriptures. While the conference was spiritual at its heart, the workshops were designed to attract secular participants. Attendees received information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as health testing and screening, hypertension, diabetes, AIDS and HIV.

A panelists, comprised of members of the clergy and health care professionals, also shared expertise and some good practice models at a round table discussion over lunch on the closing day.

“The problems in our communities are deeper than politics,” said conference committee chair Minister Al Francis of St. John. “The problems are in human hearts. In our hearts, we need to make peace with God. I don’t want to be pessimistic; I just don’t think politics is the answer. I believe Jesus is the answer with all of my heart.”

The conference featured speakers including Rev. Dr. Billy Strange of Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Miami; Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Senior Pastor of the Pentecostal Churches of Christ, Cleveland, and Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III of Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas.

The speakers focused on peace with God, instilling hope for tomorrow, and how to make it over by praying through.

“In our world today, there’s just an angst, an unsettledness in our spirits,” Francis said. “Where is truth? Where is hope? Where is love? I think it’s a thirst to get right with God.”

Everyone was welcome to most of the conference but Saturday was a Men Only session because the Saturday’s Summit, led by Ellis, was meant to speak straight to the hearts of men, Francis said.

“Men, in many ways to me, are the strengths of their community,” he said. “Therefore, we have to empower them to take their rightful places in the community.”



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