Local Woman Details Journey Through Cancer

By CRA News Service

“In my dream, I was walking down a corridor, and all of a sudden, my watch exploded in a million fragments. Wouldn’t you thing that two months prior to my diagnosis body was telling my mind what was about to happen? Yes, indeed it did.”

Local banker Eva Preste detailed her journey with breast cancer in a journal style memoir, “My Journey through Breast Cancer,” of her revelation of the disease and how it changed her life. In February 2011, her doctor found a suspicious lump during a routine checkup. A week later, she had a mammogram and ultrasound and asked her husband to “hurry over” when the results came in.

Preste’s story is not a tale of despair, it’s a story of awakening and the reality of how the body often gives us signals but we place more importance on things that don’t matter much in the long run.

“I was always on the run, hardly ever talking time to listen to my inner wisdom,” said Preste, who has worked in the local financial industry for 20 years. “The signals were there, but I ignored them. I tried to make believe that they didn’t exist, and then the unspeakable happened, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

For Preste, who studied journalism at Buffalo State College, writing a book was cathartic. As the discovery of her disease was so fast, Journaling became her vehicle of deliverance from an abyss. Writing in her journal allowed Preste to spend time and make some sense of this surreal dream. By exploring deep within her, she began to develop clarity in the midst of a storm. After yielding to the higher power, it helped her welcome the beauty of the entire situation.

“We just don’t beat breast cancer we deal with it in a positive manner, accept it, and use ourselves as role models and support systems to others,” said Preste, a cancer coach, certified hypnotist and operator of a wellness center in Fort Lauderdale.

Preste, who does public speaking, now sees life as a journey. She encourages all to live life in the moment, forget about the past and don’t worry about the future.

“Our destiny has been laid out in front of us,” she said. “Control what you can and allow life’s events to flow as they should. We must be in sync with the natural progression of things.”

My Journey Through Breast Cancer available at Amazon.com.


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