Do You Like Showing Up or Just Showing Off?

February 1, 2013   ·  


By: Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

There is a major difference between “showing up” and “showing off.” The first is primarily for the benefit of others though you, yourself, shall unquestionably also gain a lot by being present. The latter, however, is just a form of prideful exhibitionism of some sort.

It’s also possible to combine the two for unworthy, selfish motives; you show up at certain events exclusively for the purpose of showing off; instead of thinking about any good you can bring to a public event, even if merely on account of your personal presence, you only anticipate the opportunities for self-advertising!

You show your face at places and events in the expectation of the praise and applause of others, instead of a genuine interest for the happening occurring, which you are visiting!

Showing off is something easy to detect, and it’s not a quality ever appreciated by those who observe it, even when no word is said about it. Actually, it leaves a bad taste in those who accurately recognize your intentions and selfish motives.  People don’t need to stand in judgment to ascertain that such is the case because it is most obvious from the start!

Showing up, on the other hand, is something generally welcome and appreciated by others, especially those who may have issued the invitation for one’s presence and/or participation at an event, a home visit, or a meeting of some kind. Your presence, in such cases, denotes that you value the occasion and those who extended their hospitality to you!

There are times when showing up may also take place apart from any personal invitation received. The knowledge of a friend or neighbor being infirm at a hospital can inspire you to make a visit, which is deeply appreciated by the patient and the family. Reading the obituary of someone from a family you know, and showing up for the service, brings comfort to those mourning, along with their tremendous gratitude to you which they’ll retain for a long time.

Cases can be multiplied very easily. The important distinction is for you to recognize the value of showing up at varied happenings, while avoiding showing off at any time or situation which will never upgrade your status but it can certainly diminish it!


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