Facing New Beginnings With Courage!

February 1, 2013   ·  


By: Dr. Synesio Lyra Jr. 

Everyone should face any new beginning with zest and enthusiasm if good things are to emerge from that experience. It is always good to be forward-looking, but far better to be forward moving!

Looking ahead offers invitations that need to be answered. The future is always calling us, humans, but only those who respond with decisive action shall benefit from the challenges being presented!

A forward-looking attitude alone will never advance you beyond the status-quo.  And that is not the posture anyone desires to observe, for new opportunities are calling us, new challenges await everyone, everywhere! And challenges are not to be feared but simply to be confronted with courage and decisive action!

New beginnings usually occur after something else has ended. An old year concludes, but a new one immediately arrives, leaving behind both the good and the bad which previously took place. Some things will be repeated, but new projects also await execution and fresh ventures to be launched. Life never stands still!

The same is true with the conclusion of one level of schooling. Instead of stopping there, why not consider higher levels which will increase your knowledge and skills, while providing better opportunities ahead? The difficulties to be faced are no reason to desist or be discouraged, for the wherewithal for their execution will always be available!

Just like past events saw countless barriers and diverse problems, any new beginning will also have its share of unpleasant occurrences. Nevertheless, these don’t signify a complete stop but only a momentary detour, or perhaps a meaningful change to ensure the full, legitimate success being sought!

Always remember that no one can ever rush to success. If it is to come, it will always require diligent effort, often accompanied by sweat and tears. All difficulties encountered along the way towards the realization of any project do not signify that they are impossible; it probably only means that the effort will require extra time and labor!


Source Article from http://www.bocaratontribune.com/facing-new-beginnings-with-courage/


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