Pastor Accused of Embezzling From Church

By Jason Schwartz

DELRAY BEACH – Authorities are investigating whether a local pastor embezzled money from his church as his parishioners have claimed, according to police reports.

The chairman of the Budget Committee at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Larry Davis, and several deacons told police that the Rev. Howard Barr gave himself a 17 percent raise without their knowledge among other improprieties.

“Davis supplied copies from his own investigation, which were turned over to Detective [Daryl] Hunter,” Officer Mark D. Huyett wrote in his report.

Barr, 42, who has been leader of the church at 46 SW 10th Ave. since 2007, declined to comment on the allegations.

Davis also told police “the church’s financial statements were withheld from him for six months in 2011 when he normally receives one every month,” Huyett said.

The church suffered losses from 2010 to 2012 and “the assets for the church have decreased significantly since 2011,” according to the police report.


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