Weed-Smoking Delray man Marries Obama-Nemesis Boehner’s Daughter

By Fred Hamilton

The 35-year-old daughter of President Obama’s nemesis John Boehner, married a Jamaican-born man with dreadlocks at the Sundy House recently.

Lindsay Marie Boehner tied the knot with local resident Dominic Benedict Lakhan, 38, sources at the restaurant confirmed.

Male guests wore Hawian shirts and slacks while the women were dressed in sun dresses and semi-formal gowns, the sources said.

dbt borhner weddingTheir wedding registry was at Macy’s. However, they kept the list so low-key the most expensive gift was $499.99.

Boehner had no comment.

“The Speaker’s daughters are not public figures,” Boehner’s spokesperson Brittany Bramell said in an email to the Delray Beach Tribune. “Accordingly, our office does not comment on their personal lives, even with respect to joyous family occasions such as their weddings.”

Lakhan, a construction worker, has been arrested for marijuana possession, criminal records show. That may not have gone down well with Boehner, who is Speaker of the US House of Representatives, a conservative catholic and a staunch opponent of legalizing the drug.

In 2006, a Pembroke Pines police officer charged Lakhan with misdemeanor possession of two grams of marijuana during a traffic stop, according to the arrest report.

Upon making contact with the driver, the arresting officer said he ‘observed in plain view a 16 oz. Natural Lite beer can opened in the driver door.’

The officer ‘also detected the odor of burnt cannabis emitting from the interior of the vehicle,’ according to the police report.

Police searched the car and found two bags containing approximately two grams of suspected cannabis… inside the center of the ashtray, according to the report.

Lakhan was also arrested in 2003 for possession of an open container while driving, court records show.


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