Happiness is Never for Sale!

By Synesio Lyra, Jr. 

People usually tend to ascribe greater value to things which cost a lot. In that vein, many erroneously ponder that happiness is also for sale, anticipating that the more they spend to achieve it will guarantee perpetual bliss to them.

Nevertheless, such is not the case though several individuals still pay a fortune to psychotherapists, not because they are emotionally or mentally ill, but because they are devoid of any happiness. These may help, on occasion, but will never bring happiness to anyone!

There are also others who go on spending-sprees, engage in all kinds of luxuries but, even then, are incapable of finding what they so desperately long for; happiness still eludes them, because it can never be linked to one’s possessions.

Consider the pathetic empty lives of countless celebrities whether from the theater, cinema, along with TV stars, sports figures, famous singers, and countless others who have everything that money can buy but still miss genuine happiness in life. They fail to recognize that personal wealth will never be a source of real happiness.

As a result, many attempt suicide and some succeed. Those who remain alive continue experiencing half lives, or lives of perpetual meaninglessness and brutal desperation!

What most of these persons fail to grasp is that happiness is not necessarily found in success, fame, money, a pill, a drink or any other artificial, and often superficial, means. Happiness is a choice perpetually before every human; it is open to rich or poor, young or old, educated or not.

I once read that in Manhattan alone, 40-60% of the residents are in therapy. Similar figures, sadly, are repeated in several other locations around this nation and in other sectors of the globe as well.

Just remember that the factor “happiness” per se, is not for sale because it is free and it can be secured in great abundance wherever one happens to be. Perhaps you need to change your perspective on life, and secure true happiness where you are, in spite of adverse conditions you may have to face, and even when much that you desire may not yet be attainable! Ultimately, real happiness relates far more to who you are than to whatever you may have secured and accumulated!

Source Article from http://www.bocaratontribune.com/happiness-is-never-for-sale/


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