Use Your Words With Caution!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

                      Unfortunately too many people don’t taste their words before they pass their mouth during a conversation with another. As an excuse for being “honest,” they say anything without selecting the adequate terms, or measuring the consequences of their affirmations.

There are far too many people in the world who are too quick to judge, too swift in denouncing others, exceedingly careless in causing unnecessary offense to fellow humans! As a result, their impact is never made, while they lose a second chance with those whom they had approached!

Words are wonderful tools for communication, but they can deeply hurt if improperly employed. Whether one’s vocabulary is vast or limited, the key issue here is not how many words you employ, nor what major terms you use when addressing one or many. Rather, it’s the manner you convey your thoughts. Genuine eloquence is devoid of insults and manipulation, and never dependent on the volume of your voice!

Yet, several persons can hardly state anything devoid of complaints; others are perpetually suspicious of anybody else, and what they say to another easily confirms that. There are also those who make no effort to be pleasant, positive, and polite in their communication skills.

It’s not necessary that you agree with a person to maintain a meaningful conversation with him or her. Without arm-twisting you can effectively convince somebody else of a viewpoint you wish to see believed and accepted by such individual or group. In case you don’t succeed at first, you can try again – many times, in fact – if you refrain from inappropriate reactions.

Using your words with caution also entails communicating with clarity, forcefulness, and completely.  As I also stated in my book, Appetizers for the Soul, personal communications are often faulty not just because of what is stated unclearly but also by much that is left unsaid!

You can avoid all that by being confident of your ideas, fearless of your audience of one or of many, and thorough in conveying your message at the right time, the right place, and in the right manner!

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