Local Entrepreneur Seeks a win with Shula Burger Team

By Jason Schwartz

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Carrie LaNoce is no stranger to success, and her latest venture finds her following in the footsteps of a legend. Joining former Miami Dolphins Coach Don Shula in his Shula family of restaurants, LaNoce is making her mark running the first independently owned and operated Shula Burger franchise in the United States.

“I’m honored and excited to open the first independently owned and operated Shula Burger franchise in the country, and feel like I’m in the perfect position to satisfy South Florida’s craving for gourmet burgers with a trusted brand name 100 percent behind me every step of the way,” the Delray Beach resident and entrepreneur said.

She will officially open the new Shula Burger, one of five open throughout the state, in the new Delray Marketplace, 14917 Lyons Road, Suite 114, on Wednesday, July 10.

The restaurant is billed as an upscale burger restaurant and comes on the heels of Shula’s successful steakhouses.

Shula Burger features quality Black Angus beef, gourmet ingredients, hand-crafted beers and legendary shakes.  The restaurant features an open kitchen where customers can see their burgers being made using fresh ingredients and our signature blend of Black Angus chuck, brisket and short rib.  The Shula legacy is also on display at the location, with pop art featuring the Shula story.

LaNoce knows it’s the perfect time to launch the Shula Burger concept in South Florida. Americans are embracing their love of burgers while simultaneously lamenting their lack of free time, and LaNoce is eager to move forward with the fast-casual plus concept and begin competing with other burger brands on the national level.

Before joining the Shula Burger team, LaNoce was part of family entrepreneurial efforts – owning businesses with her brothers.  With the opening of her Shula Burger location, LaNoce joins a proud tradition of the more than 50 percent of women who own their own businesses.

“Women are launching businesses at nearly twice the national average, and I’m honored to be opening the very first Shula Burger franchise,” LaNoce said.  “The Shula name is a big one to live up to based on Coach Shula’s reputation as both a hall of fame Coach and iconic restaurateur, but I am confident I have the entrepreneurial background and relentless work ethic necessary to make the first independent Shula Burger location a success.   Plus, as a woman who has lived in Delray Beach for years, I understand how to appeal to families in our neighborhood and ensure they get the best burger in a family friendly environment at the right price.”



Shula Burger’s Delray Beach Grand Opening: Wednesday, July 10, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 14917 Lyons Road, Suite 114 Delray Beach 

As part of the celebration, Shula Burger will hold a special in-store drawing to reward 50 fans attending the event with a free burger each month for an entire year!

Owner Carrie LaNoce will donate 5 percent of the net proceeds from the opening day sales to Achievement Centers for Children and Families, an organization that has been near and dear to the Shula family for years. This charity provides affordable, quality care for children whose parents would not be able to keep their job or go to school without this service. 


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