Americans, Our Enemies

By Michael H. Gora

No the real Americans are not our enemies. Us every day Joes who have always gone to work, every day and done the best we could for our wives, husbands and kids. Those who truly love this country love it more than God, because we know that it is real and that is has given us opportunities which few people on this planet can enjoy.

Who are those American enemies you ask; those who would bring us down so that we can cow tow to foreign masters with strange names, and colors and experiences unlike our home.  No, I don’t think so.  They may be different, but they would love to have our lives, and opportunities, and our very homes, not to take away but to earn.  They want to be us, and pay the price that we do.

Over the last ten years, and perhaps before, our enemies have shown their stripes from every corner of our fair land.  Every so often they beg for your vote, but then go on to Washington where they caucus with their own separate tribes and, year after year, like lemmings follow one another over partisan cliffs.

They daily trash day the magic of  their own predecessors who knew that while “Party” loyalty is important loyalty to the best interests of all citizens is a far, far better dream.

We have no more leaders.  Our enemies in the Senate and the Congress draw their opinions from religious leaders, who constitutionally have no power or from the fringe groups of leftists or Tea Party acolytes who would not know a compromise as a better way if it would bite them on the butt.

In a comic strip of yesterday swamp buddy “Pogo” would often say, “We have met the Enemy, and they are US!!!”  I wish that it was so today because the “US” today would do a better job of running this country that the carpetbaggers and scalawags in the Nation’s Capital today who pray to their “Party” banners while allowing the United States to fail by the weight of their self interest.

Have a Happy 4th, God Bless America and Americans, but save us from our elected representatives.

Michael H. Gora has been certified by the Board of Specialization of The Florida Bar as a specialist in family and matrimonial law, and is a partner with Shapiro Blasi Wasserman & Gora P.A. in Boca Raton.  Mr. Gora may be reached by e-mail at


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