Be Your Own Best Product!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

People who sell the best products usually get ahead! They show carefulness in their selection, in the advertising they provide, and in the manner they publicly display and distribute those goods! Because the intensity of competition, whoever wishes to succeed devotes an enormous amount of time and effort to project what’s for sale in the best possible light!

Although all the above is true of material, perishable items and services, the significance increases far more when the product you offer is yourself. Not that your person is for sale in a monetary way, but your person, your credibility, your personal qualities need to be well-established before true value is ascribed to you for whatever you have to offer!

Therefore, everything you say and do has a cumulative impact, for better or for worse, regarding who you are and whatever you desire to offer. Your past, however distant, can and does make a difference in establishing your credibility or detracting from it.

Your previous or current pronouncements on many issues also cast a bright light or a dark shadow on your integrity; they are portraits of your personality as exhibited in different contexts, and in varied times of ease, or at pressured moments in your daily schedule.

Who you truly are needs to be manifested equally in the open as in hiding; in the presence of multitudes, or in the absence of any individual; when conditions are favorable or when advantages are lacking!

To such ends, one needs to be in constant renewal; who you are today should be better than the you of yesterday and of the day before. A life of full transparency is the only quality worth maintaining; your legitimate right to privacy does not include hiding what must be in the open to validate who you say you are!

The gift of yourself, or the selling of your own self are basically the same thing, and in both instances your total integrity is the only ingredient which can ensure success, insofar as what you are offering exceeds the expectations of those seeking to benefit from it!

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