Park Ten Industrial Business Park Celebrates 34 Years in Delray Beach

DELRAY BEACH, FL— In today’s economy, it is unusual to find a business that has survived more than three decades—much less in the same location. 

But that’s just what the Park Ten Industrial Business Park can boast.

“Maintaining a business for three decades is a challenging undertaking in any industry and it requires the ability to not only adjust to changes but also to customer needs,” said Joseph Carosella, general partner and one of the founders.

Founded in 1979 by Carosella, Michael Bianchini, Donald Berlanti, and Richard Berlanti, the business has been in the family for four generations with three generations still actively participating in the business.

Park Ten has an impressive list of tenants, some of whom have been with them for decades. One of their tenants, Tamiami Tile, has been in the complex for 32 years. They started with 3,000 square feet and now have 15,000 square feet of space.

Another tenant, Orkin, had a structure built for them and has been a tenant for 22 years.  Helmet City, a national supplier of lightweight cycle headgear, has been in the Park for 10 years. Park Ten is not only home to established businesses but it is also an incubator for new businesses as well.

“We are proud to celebrate this milestone in our company’s history,” said Nichole Carosella, property manager and a real estate broker. “It is a testament to our founders and the vision they set into motion more than 34 years ago that we’ve successfully built upon their strong foundation and heritage of leadership.”


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