Teenager Lets Go In Cop Car

Florida man pees in squad car after telling cops he had to

ByJena Kehoe

Web2Carz Contributing Writer


Florida really makes it too easy for us over here. In the latest “crazy Floridians” news, we have former high school football player Dylan DiFalco. This 19-year-old was arrested for misdemeanor battery, and that pissed him off, apparently…literally. DiFalco urinated in the backseat of the cop car.

DiFalco was picked up by Collier County Sherriff’s deputies after employees from a local bar said that he had tripped a busboy who was chasing his friend.

The friend hadn’t paid his bar tab, and the busboy was naturally trying to change that. The busboy didn’t fall and wasn’t hurt, DiFalco was arrested. But on the way to the police station, DiFalco told the officers that he needed to use the bathroom. The deputy reported that he told the man to “try and hold it like an adult,” but DiFalco obviously didn’t.

What’s worse is that this apparently happens relatively frequently, according to one police officer. Longmont, Colorado officer Sean Harper said, “Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for people to urinate, defecate, or vomit while in a police car. Sometimes it’s because of their condition, sometimes it’s in protest, and sometimes it’s just in spite.”

Thankfully, the police have protocol they follow regarding decontaminating soiled vehicles, but we feel for the police who had to deal with DiFalco himself, whose explanation likely pissed off the police even more than his peeing did: “I told you had to go, you stupid cop.”

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