7 Killed in Trinidad Bringing Murder Toll to 223

By Derek Achong and Kevon Felmine
Trinidad Guardian

Five men shot and killed in separate incidents in ten hours and the remains of two charred bodies found at a dump site yesterday have pushed the murder toll to 223. Reports are that around 7.45 pm on Friday, 28-year-old Shawn Duncan, of Mulchan Street, Guaico, Sangre Grande, was at home with friends playing cards. Two gunmen, one dressed as a police officer and the other in army uniform, entered Duncan’s home and without warning began shooting.

Duncan and his 30-year-old friend Jude Andell, also of Guaico, were shot. Duncan died at the scene. Andell, who was shot in the right leg, Highway murder_0was taken to the Sangre Grande District Hospital where he was treated and discharged. The gunmen escaped in a waiting car. Crime scene investigators recovered 19 spent 9 mm shells. Cpl Jones of the Homicide Bureau is continuing investigations.

Between midnight and 4 am yesterday, residents of Desperlie Crescent, Laventille, reported hearing sporadic gunshots. When the shots stopped, they contacted the police. Inter-Agency Task Force officers responded and went to a nearby house. They broke down the front door and found three men dead. They were identified as Michael Fox, 28; Jamal Fox, 21; and Shaquille Bishop, 21, of Tunapuna.

Man shot dead in Carlsen Field 
In another incident, a Chaguanas father was shot dead inside his cousin’s wagon on Friday night. Ganesh Ramroop, 44, an electrician of Bhagna Trace, was found slumped behind the steering wheel of a Nissan AD Wagon around 7.30 pm at the Chase Village Flyover. He succumbed to two gunshot wounds to the chest and stomach at the Chaguanas Health Centre.

Investigating officers, led by Cpl Nelson, believe that Ramroop probably did not notice his killer, as he was shot through the windscreen. His mother Soonia said her son’s killing might have been a case of mistaken identity. Speaking at the family home yesterday, Soonia said her son left home around 7 pm in his Kia Cerato to purchase tablets at a Freeport pharmacy and while returning home, he got a call from his cousin asking to meet him at the flyover.

She said the cousins switched cars. The cousin borrowed her son’s Kia to take money to his estranged wife in Carlsen Field, while Ramroop remained in the wagon waiting. By the time the cousin returned, Ramroop had already been shot. “My nephew said when he came back, he saw my son in the vehicle but thought that he was asleep so he was knocking on the glass.

“When he went around on the side, he saw that the glass was shattered and when he opened the door, my son just fell out. He said when he held him up, he felt blood.” But why did they exchange cars? Soonia said, “Probably my nephew got a threat or something and he was frightened to go. I am assuming that is why he was afraid to go.

“They did not want him (Ramroop), but they knew my nephew’s vehicle and my son was in that vehicle. They did not know who was in the car, but they knew that vehicle. I assume they had a hit on my nephew.”

Bodies burnt in Claxton Bay
Meanwhile, two charred bodies were found along a dirt track yesterday just off the Tortuga Road, Claxton Bay. Reports stated that around 11 am, a villager was walking along the track, when he came upon the bodies which were burnt beyond recognition. Supt Johnny Abraham said the victims may have been shot dead before their bodies were placed among a pile of tyres and burned. Investigating officers, including Supt Harry, ASP Meharris, Cpl Job and Sgt Singh, found two spent shells near the bodies.

Abraham said, “The bodies were burnt beyond recognition, however, I want to say one of them appears to be a very tall person, about six feet, having averaged the height of the skeleton on the ground. “I want to ask anybody who has any missing people in their area or any family members missing to come forward or contact the Chaguanas police or Homicide South.

“No gender as yet, but we suspect one is a male. We don’t have any missing person reports so far, but we have to make checks because sometimes a person is missing and the family don’t report it until a couple of days have passed.”


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