Protester Escorted From Scott Event



By Kelli Kennedy
The Associated Press

DELRAY BEACH, FL – During a charity event Thursday, a member of Gov. Rick Scott’s security team forcefully stood and blocked a silent protester who said she was there to demand justice for Trayvon Martin’s death.

Ana Lee Case stood several feet from a podium where the governor was speaking in the back of an Office Depot store. She held a sign that read “Call the Session.”

It referred to the demand by her and other protesters that the Republican governor call a special session to have legislators change the state’s “stand your ground” law and address issues such as racial profiling after George Zimmerman’s acquittal July 13 in Martin’s shooting death.

A security guard stood in front of Case and forced her to back up, then stood nose to nose with her, asking questions. Case, 25, stood quietly for the rest of the nearly hourlong event, but was flanked by two police officers and was told she would be escorted from the building if she took one step forward. Case told officials she was not armed.

After the event, while Scott was talking to reporters, Case yelled “Justice for Trayvon!” and was escorted from the building.


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