YMCA of South Palm Beach County Launches Month-Long Annual Campaign

The YMCA of South Palm Beach County has become a constant gathering place for children, teens and seniors for over 40 years- enabling children to learn in a supportive environment, encouraging teens to make a difference in their community through social awareness and inspiring seniors to stay active and fit.

To provide life enhancing services that are available to everyone, regardless of income, the Y will commence its Annual Campaign on Oct. 10. Serving its community through after school programs, summer camps, fitness classes and educational programming is a goal that the YMCA strives to reach every day.

The campaign aims to bring everyone together to raise funds towards the Y’s Financial Assistance Program which helps provide members of the local community with the tools they need to reach their fullest potential. The money raised through the Annual Campaign allows for members of the community in need to enjoy programs such as Y’s little owls, dance tots, extreme acting, youth teen leaders club, youth sports, aquatic camp and much more!

“Every year we are humbled to see the communities’ support for the YMCA of South Palm Beach County,” said Dick Pollock, president and CEO of the YMCA of South Palm Beach County. “With these contributions, our members, volunteers, staff and partners can take on the most urgent needs in our community.”

Last year, the financial support of campaign donors raised nearly $330,000 which allowed the YMCA to provide programs such as Sports, Afterschool Care and Preschool to those in need. Financial gifts to the YMCA build potential and connect children, teens and adults in South Palm Beach County. This year, the YMCA of South Palm Beach County hopes to raise $345,000 for its Financial Assistance Program.

For additional information on this year’s Annual Campaign visit www.ymcaspbc.org. More information is also available about the campaign by following the Y on Twitter at @YMCAofSPBC or at Facebook.com/YMCASPBC. Share your Y story by using hash tag #YSoMuchMore.


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