Hanging by her thumbs

By: Mike Gora

Thanks to a belated request from my editor at the Tribune, Dale King, I’m sitting, outdoors at DaDa’s restaurant in Delray at 6 p.m. on Tuesday typing this column by my thumbs, on my I-Phone and thinking about my client, who is hanging by her thumbs, perhaps by a thread.

Cancer.  Cancer, and a young son with his own serious medical problems.

Micheal H. Gora

Cancer, and the young son who has a father who refuses to see him because he has moved on with a new wife, who will not or cannot pay his child support, or help with his son’s medical bills, or even try.


Cancer, the sick son, the dad who will not pay, who stopped visiting the child years ago, and won’t take in the child if the mom does not make it.

Cancer, and me typing by my thumbs, and hanging by a thread because I cannot think of a lot to make my client’s life better, or make her son’s life better through the legal system.

Sure, there are many social services through school and otherwise.  Band-Aids at best, begged for through a government which seems to be about to lose or reduce its social consciousness if favor of more guns and planes.

Typing by my thumbs, just wondering about what happens to this innocent boy if his mom does not make it, and his dad does not care, and there are no relatives to step in. Who is going to hug him awake in the morning and kiss him to bed every night?

Here comes my burger.


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on Mar 16 2011 Filed under Divorce Florida Style, News.
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