Learn To Be Flexible

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

It’s sad, but true, that some people prefer to go without some service they need, or some item they lack, simply because they are slaves to a time frame, or to the only way they are capable of doing anything. If something can’t be done at their exact appointed time, they choose not to have it!

Unless what they want cannot be delivered or accomplished at the time they designate, they give the entire experience up! Instead of adjusting their own schedule to those of service providers, they obstinately forfeit what they could still have, even if at a different moment of any day!

Yet, if something is truly important, one should be flexible enough to get it when it coincides with the provider’s schedule. Rigidity can be deadly, and seldom makes a significant difference in any endeavor, except in cases of health and safety.

Learn to compromise, and to recognize the difference between an indefensible rigidity and the flexibility which is legitimate, spontaneous, and will still accomplish the same task or function without unnecessary distress to you and others around you!

Living on earth should be sufficient to establish the fact that nothing is, nor shall ever be, perfect among humans. Although we should strive for the best, be punctual in all our activities, plan ahead for every event, times will come when compromises have to be made, in spite of whatever disappointment a chance may cause.

When things don’t go your way, it’s better to suspend judgment of others until you can fully determine the causes for what has disappointed or enraged you. Remember always that in your own experience, there are unexpected mishaps which completely change the nature of what is being done, or planned!

Learn to stretch your mind, and also extend your target date for any realization, beyond the time you had planned for and projected to see a given experience finalized. Flexibility retains your joy, while rigidity can rob you of that and many other positive factors which animate your efforts and bring them to completion!

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